Bia Air

For dogs and cats who like to come up from the floor to rest, to sleep or to have a better lookout for their herd.

Beautiful furniture for your Bia bed, suitable for dogs who like to lie a little higher to keep track of their surroundings. Available in painted mdf or lacquered metal.

A leg stand makes it easier to clean under and around your Bia.
Manufactured by hand in Valdemarsvik.

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The dog’s sleep

An adult dog generally sleeps 12-18 hours a day, young dogs 16-20 hours and puppies can sleep almost as much as they like. Lack of sleep in dogs can lead to stress and a weakened immune system. The dog may have difficulty concentrating and may become irritated. Just like us humans in other words.

A good sleep helps keep the dog healthy. Give your dog the best ergonomic dog bed for the best sleep.
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