Bia Royal

A soft cover in velvet that is available as an accessory to all of Bias models and sizes. A Bia Royal cover gives the Bia Bed an exclusive look, the dog gets an extra cozy bed and it brings a little more luxury to the home.

The Royal cover is very easy to clean. Thanks to its short fibers the dog hair doesn´t get stuck in the material, it´s easy to just to brush or vacuum of.
The cover can be machine washed in 30 degrees. Do not trumble dry.

With a cover as a complement to your Bia, you retain the benefits of having the imitation leather closest to the bed that protects the polyether from dirt and possible odor. You can also easily follow the color and material trends without having to buy a brand new bed. That´s good for the environment with a more sustainable consumption.

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Why the Bia Bed?

The bottom plate protects the dog against soreness and the edges of the bed gives the dog both hip, back and head support. The edge also works as a built-in pillow where the dog can place its head when it wants to have a look out for the family, the pack. This is inherited from the dog’s wolf genes where the wolves curled up to sleep heavily but often rested with their heads high to keep track of their surroundings.

Place your Bia bed where the dog seems to thrive. Sometimes it can be good to try different positions before you find the best place where the dog relaxes the most. The dog and the human do not always have the same view of what feels most secure. They want to be with their pack, so that they feel involved and have supervision over the family members.

Dog´s sleep

An adult dog generally sleeps 12-18 hours a day, young dogs 16-20 hours and puppies can sleep almost as much as possible. Lack of sleep in dogs can lead to stress and a weakened immune system. The dog may have difficulty concentrating and may become irritated. Just like us humans in other words.

A good sleep helps keep the dog healthy. Give your dog the best ergonomic dog bed for the best sleep.

Check out our size-guide for help finding the right size for your dog!

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        Bia Royal Navy 2

        Royal Navy

        349 kr599 kr
        Match the sofa or pillow case with a Bia Royal Navy cover. Bia Royal is a soft cover in velvet
        Bia Royal Petrol 2

        Bia Royal Petrol

        359 kr739 kr
        Match the sofa or pillow case with a Bia Royal Petrol cover. Bia Royal is a soft cover in velvet
        Bia Bed Royal Pink

        Bia Royal Pink

        359 kr739 kr
        Match the sofa or pillow case with a Bia Royal Pink cover. Bia Royal is a soft cover in velvet