Bia Ortho dog bed

The Bia bed is known for its qualitative polyether padding and the ergonomic benefits that come with the Bia. We have further developed an alternative that suits all pets but is mainly aimed at elderly and sick dogs and cats. Bia Ortho is a pressure-relieving material that is available both as a classic Bia with edges and as a mattress.

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The benefits of the Bia bed

Bia is the dog bed that provides ergonomic support for both small dogs and the larger, heavier breeds such as mastiffs and Saint Bernard.

Bia Orto has the same ergonomic properties as other dog beds from Bia, but these dog beds also have pressure-relieving mattresses in memory foam, which makes them particularly suitable for older or sick dogs.

With artificial leather, polyether frame and bevelled edges, it is virtually identical to the first Bia bed that was manufactured over 50 years ago.

The artificial leather makes the bed easy to clean, it is allergy-friendly and it keeps the bed free of odor. Fleas and other insects are not allowed to attach to the bed, so no kind of anti-bug treatment that has become popular in recent years is needed.

The bottom plate protects the dog against soreness and the beveled edges of the bed gives the dog support to both hip, back and head. The edge also works as a built-in pillow where the dog can place its head when it wants to have a look out for the family. This is inherited from the dog’s wolf genes where the wolves curled up to sleep heavily but often rested with their heads high to keep track of their surroundings.

Where to place the Bia

Place your Bia bed where the dog seems to thrive. Sometimes it can be good to try different positions before you find the best place where the dog relaxes the most. The dog and the human do not always have the same view of what feels most secure. They want to be with the family, their pack, so that they feel involved and have supervision over the family members. Here, the built-in pillow in Bia comes in handy.

Bia Ortho can be dressed with a cover in velvet (Bia Royal) , cotton (Bia Cotton) or cozy pilé .

The dog’s sleep

An adult dog generally sleeps 12-18 hours a day, young dogs 16-20 hours and puppies can sleep almost as much as possible. Lack of sleep in dogs can lead to stress and a weakened immune system. The dog may have difficulty concentrating and may become irritated. Just like us humans in other words.

A good sleep helps keep the dog healthy. Give your dog the best ergonomic dog bed for the best sleep.

Check out our size-guide for help finding the right size for your dog!

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        Bia Bed Ortho
        Outdoor - grå

        Ortho – Original model

        939 kr2.495 kr
        Bia Ortho is a pressure relieving bed with a two-component base. The bottom consists of 3cm Celsius, pressure relieving foam
        Bia Ortho Madrass
        Outdoor - grå

        Bia Ortho Madrass

        879 kr1.979 kr
        Våra orthoprodukter fördelar kroppsvikten jämnt och lindrar eventuell muskelsmärta och stelhet i leder. Perfekt för alla hundar och katter generellt men äldre och sjuka i synnerhet. Det tryckavlastande skummet reagerar inte bara på tryck utan också på värme, när det utsätts för värme så formar det sig perfekt efter kroppen vilket ger den bästa avlastningen och skönast bekvämlighet. 

        Ortho + Outdoor 

        Ortho finns även med vårt Outdoormaterial som klarar Skandinaviens tuffa utomhusmiljö året om. Bädden bli då vatten- och smutsavvisande. Outdoor kan tvättas i 40 grader vid efterföljande varm torktumling eller strykning för att bibehålla den vattenavvisande effekten.