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Place your Bia Bed where the dog seems to thrive. Sometimes it can be good to try different positions before you find the best place where the dog relaxes the most. The dog and the human does not alway have the same view on what feels more secure.

They want to be with the family, their pack, so that they feel involved and have supervision over the family members. Here, the built-in pillow in the Bia Bed comes in handy. The dog puts it´s head on the edge that acts as a pillow and they can look at the family. When they sleep heavily, they usuallu curl up.


The story of the dog bia

Bia von Fürstenfeldt was the Doberman who gave the name to Bia Bed. In the late 60’s, the Asklöf family took over Bia after she had been treated badly by the previous owner.

At that time, alternatives for sleeping accommodation for dogs included steel-constructed beds and willow baskets, something Bia did not like very much. Bengt Asklöf, who had a past in the furniture industry, saw that she wanted to lie high with her head and that the steel pipes cut into her neck. He then designed a completely new soft model and Bia Bed was born.

The soft bed immediately became Bia’s absolute favorite. During a veterinary visit, Bengt brought Bia´s bed with her because she would have to stay a couple of nights. The veterinarian quickly stated that the bed was perfect as it provided a comfortable and soft support for the head while it was comfortable to lie in.

Thanks to the veterinarian’s positive response, production of Bia Bed started, on a small scale, only where the family together produced 5 beds a week, but demand grew and in 1969 Bengt and his wife Iris started the industrial production of Bia Beds.

Today, Bia Bedis still manufactured in Valdemarsvik, by the family-owned company’s third generation. The basic idea is the same and the Bia Bed is constantly being developed further with new materials and models.



Most people know that the dog sleeps more than we humans know, but how many hours do they actually sleep. Or more importantly, how many hours do they need to sleep?

The need for sleep for a dog varies. Large dogs have a greater need for sleep are small. Puppies need more sleep than adult dogs.

  • Puppies can almost have an unlimited need for sleep.
  • A young dog of about six months sleep between 16-20 hours.
  • An adult dog generally sleeps 12-18 hours a day.

Lack of sleep can for the dog lead to stress and a weakened immune system. The dog may have difficulty concentrating and may become irritated. Just like us humans in other words. A good sleep helps keep the dog healthy.

That is why it is so important that the dog has its own place where it can feel safe and rest and sleep without being disturbed. If there are children in the family, it is good to also teach them this as soon as possible – not to disturb the dog in its Bia, especially not when it is sleeping.