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BIA BED is characterized by a minimal and clean design that combines functionality with beauty.
Made in Sweden since 1969
Bia Bed Outdoor


The original since 1969

Bia is the dog bed that provides ergonomic support for small dogs as well as the larger, heavier breeds such as Mastiffs and Saint Bernards. Bia bed is also widely used by kennel breeders, it is perfect as a puppy box as it is easy to clean and the soft edges minimise the risk of a puppy getting hurt.

Bia Original is our classic model. With artificial leather, polyether body and beveled edges, it is almost identical to the first Bia bed manufactured over 50 years ago.


The dog bed for a Scandinavian climate

With a Bia Outdoor, your dog or can can sleep just as well outside as inside. It is a water-, dirt- and grease-repellent dog bed that can handle outdoor environments. It is just as beautiful indoors with its dull, warm gray color.

The cover is soft and very durable. The outdoor material is also at the bottom of the bed so it can be placed on the lawn without moisture penetrating the bed. If the bed unexpectedly gets damp or wet, the material is breathable from the inside so it dries quickly in the sun.



Orthopedic products

Pressure-relieving beds for best comfort and recovery. The pressure-relieving foam reacts not only to pressure but also to heat. When exposed to heat it forms perfectly to the body which gives the best relief and support for your dog. Bia has both beds and mattresses with memory foam.


Renew the bed with a cover

For all our beds and mattresses there are cuddly, beautiful and soft covers in different materials and colors. One for every home and interior design style. All our covers are pulled on over bed / mattress over the artificial leather. They are easy to put on / off and they can all be machine washed.


Where does the dog want to sleep?

Place your Bia Bed where the dog seems to thrive. Sometimes it can be good to try different positions before you find the best place where the dog relaxes the most. The dog and the human does not alway have the same view on what feels more secure.

They want to be with the family, their pack, so that they feel involved and have supervision over the family members. Here, the built-in pillow in the Bia Bed comes in handy. The dog puts it’s head on the edge that acts as a pillow and they can look at the family. When they sleep heavily, they usually curl up.