Bia Premium Cover Bouclé White

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Experience the ultimate coziness with Bia Boucle – made from the most stylish material. This cover adds a sense of security and warmth to your furry friend’s sleeping spot. The cover is available in all sizes and models, fitting seamlessly into any home decor.
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The best recovery for your dog's health


Create an extra cozy sleeping spot for your dog with our timeless cover in beautiful bouclé.

One of the great advantages of Bia Bed is its simplicity in cleaning and maintenance. With just a quick vacuum, you can swiftly restore your Bia Bed to a fresh and inviting place for your furry friend. And if there are any stains or the cover needs a more thorough cleaning, you can easily machine wash it at 30 degrees.

Keep the faux leather under the cover. This way, you protect the bed’s polyurethane core and avoid unwanted odors that can easily develop on other types of beds on the market. This not only gives you a beautiful and ergonomic dog bed but also one that maintains its longevity and comfort over time.

Bia Bouclé is tailored to fit all Bia Beds sizes and models, giving you the flexibility to customize your dog’s sleeping spot according to your specific preferences and interior style. The cover adds a sense of security and warmth to your furry friend’s sleeping area.


100% polyester, of which 90% is recycled material.
Wash at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.