Bia Ortho 6 – 80×100 cm


Suitable for example Rottweiler and German Shepherd.

Outer dimensions: 80 x 100×15 cm
Sleeping surface: 60 x 80 cm
Thickness bottom: 5 cm

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Made in Sweden
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Bia Ortho

Bia Ortho is a pressure-relieving bed with a two-component bottom. The bottom consists of 3cm Celsius, pressure-relieving foam in the top and 2 cm high-quality polyether in the bottom. Together they provide the ultimate support for the dog or cat.

Dressed in the same durable faux leather as Bia Original. The foam is non-toxic, certified by ÖkoTex 100 class 1, which means that it is approved for close contact with babies 0-3 years.

Our orthopedic products distribute body weight evenly and relieve any muscle pain and stiffness in joints. Ideal for all dogs and cats in general but elderly and sick in particular. The pressure-relieving foam reacts not only to pressure but also to heat, when it is exposed to heat it forms perfectly to the body, which gives the best relief and comfort.

Where should I place the dog bed?

Place your Bia Bed where the dog seems to thrive. Sometimes it can be good to try different positions before you find the best place where the dog relaxes the most. The dog and the human do not always have the same view of what feels most secure. They prefer to be with the family, their pack, so that they feel involved and have supervision over the family members. Here, the built-in pillow in Bia comes in handy.

The beds are available in round, oval, rectangular, and square shapes in many nice colours.

They can easily be accessorised with a cover in velvet (Bia Royal), Cotton (Bia Cotton) or Cuddly pile (Bia Pile).


The Bia Beds are made in Sweden of Swedish polyether with ÖkoTex 100 class, 1 certification. Class 1 means that the material is approved for close contact with babies 0-3 years. The coating consists of high-quality faux leather. Free from toxic phthalates, lead and flame retardants.

Bia Bed is a dog bed that is easy to care for. It normally lasts a dog’s lifetime and comes with a two-year guarantee on any material defects. The Bia Bed is easy to handle and keep clean. Bia Orginal and our other products that are made in faux leather should only be wiped with a weak soap solution. Never use strong detergents as the plasticizer in the faux leather can be damaged.

 What size for my dog?

Check out our sizeguide to find the right size for your dog.